Dear designer,

Tell me if this feels true. Connecting with more of your ideal clients would make your work more profitable and enjoyable. You want your website to be more than just a slideshow of your work. You want it to feel like a reflection of who you are. You may know others who have built their own website, but you'd prefer to work with with an expert. I get that.

I match well with those needing their website to help them convert referrals and local connections into high quality leads. They already love their work and simply want to attract more of their ideal clients and projects. For those who have ambitions to build a national brand or get on the front page of Google, I recommend working with an agency that has the resources and bandwidth to orchestrate a comprehensive marketing and PR campaign, of which the website would be merely one part. If this is you, I can recommend several of these agencies after speaking with you.

If you are interested in working together, please inquire here. Thank you, and I look forward to speaking with you.



Yian Quach, IDS
New York City
Email hours: M-F 11-6pm EST


Design is an art and a science, be it interior design or website design. Design can move us to feel, to think, and even to act. Design matters and designers matter.

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You offer an individualized and personal service, and your clients are looking for someone they feel a connection with. Thus, your website should exude authenticity. Of course, your website should feel professional and polished, but it should also feel approachable and real.


Your clients are smart. They don’t need to be pushed or babied through a buying decision. They merely need your services and expectations to be clearly stated. You offer a luxury service, and your website should reflect that.


I believe in creating websites that feel clean and clear. It should be easy to breath while viewing the site, and at all times, the eye should know exactly where to look. In other words, there is clarity and focus.



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I’m a website designer and copywriter based in New York City, specializing in working with designers and creatives. I believe in creating websites that create a feeling of connection by communicating authenticity.


I’ve worked with dozens of designers, from those just starting out to award-winning ones published in top-shelf magazines including Architectural Digest, LUXE, and Editor At Large. I’m kind of an introvert (especially on social media), but I do enjoy speaking about my work. I’ve appeared on design podcasts including A Well-Designed Business with LuAnn NigaraDesign & Style with Rachel & Dixie, and Marketing Ideas for Interior Designers with Mark McDonough, and has hosted two webinars with IVY MARK. View press page →  


Much of my process consists of speaking with my clients by phone and helping draw out the language to articulate the essence of their creative philosophy and their services. Many of my clients struggle to find the right words to describe their own work, so I use a collaborative writing process based on conversations together.


I’m an Interior Design Society Sterling Industry Partner and currently serve on the executive board of the IDS Virtual Chapter. I’ve been creating websites since 2015. I eventually began working with interior designers, and since then have participated in major interior design events including High Point, Vegas Market, and BOLD Summit, with the goal of better understanding the needs of the design community.


My name is pronounced "Ian Qua". The first and last letters are silent. I am originally from Seattle, Washington and am of mixed heritage. My father is from Vietnam, and my mother is from New Hampshire. I now live in New York City. My education and work experience include a bachelor's degree in mathematics, several years teaching English, and hosting a quiet conversational bar on New York's Upper East Side. I am drawn to the teachings of Zen Buddhism, enjoy listening to audiobooks and cooking vegan meals with Gaby, my fiancee.