Dear independent entrepreneur,

I know you. I am you.

As an independent entrepreneur myself, I understand that you want several things.

1) You want a website that feels simple, clean, and attractive so you can effectively communicate your business and your brand to your ideal clients. 

2) In this age of increased automation and do-it-yourself tools, you want service. You want someone who you can easily speak with, who will understand your needs, and who will deliver the solution to you.

3) Because you are independent, you might not have the budget to hire a full digital marketing team who's prices are higher than a one-man team due to the overhead from staff, rent, etc.

My story

In 2015, I worked as an employee for a web design company catering to independent businesses that relied on clients to communicate their own website design vision, whereas these clients were expecting the company I worked for to "design" the website, and not merely "build" the website. You can imagine their frustration in being asked to communicate concepts that felt foreign to them. Have you yourself had this experience with a website company?

My conclusion from this experience was that there is a need for personalized design-build services for independent entrepreneurs.

I created House Digital as a personalized design-build solution for independent entrepreneurs.

The word "House" in the name House Digital is a word that is not only closely related to interior design, but to me also feels encompassing. Even the sound of the word feels round and inclusive.

A bit about me

I am originally from Seattle, Washington and am now based in New York City. My hobbies include listening to audiobooks, and photographing cats.

Want to learn more? Feel free to reach out. I look forward to speaking with you.

– Yian Quach