My Mission

My mission is to create the best affordable website and digital media service for interior designers and other professionals.

My Story

My story begins with a problem I noticed in 2015. At the time, I was working for a company in New York City that promised affordable websites to independent entrepreneurs. However, the clients were frustrated because their websites fell short of the polish and impact necessary to convert visitors into customers. The websites fell short because in order to offer an affordable price, the company had to omit several absolutely vital pieces of the creative process: mainly the website strategy and the copywriting. 

The company relied on its clients to create the website strategy by submitting detailed lists of design instructions about the website's structure and layout. You can imagine the client's frustration when trying to describe concepts using website terminology which felt foreign to them. The company also relied on its clients to write their own copy, and copy is arguably the most important aspect on a website.

Of course, this problem should come as no surprise. Complete website service is typically a resource heavy service. It requires in-depth conversations and expertise, and complete service is often only possible with a team of specialists, which can be prohibitively expensive to independent entrepreneurs.

Hence, I left that company and began my own business with the mission to create the best affordable complete website service for interior designers and independent entrepreneurs. How? By operating as a one-man team with each of the skills necessary to create a successful website from start to finish: strategy, web design, web development, copywriting, graphic design, and photography.

Why interior designers?

My decision to focusing on independent interior designers was based on several factors:

1) I like working with clients who understand the value of good design.

2) I like creating websites that are visual with plenty of photography.

3) I like working one-on-one with clients because it's more creatively nimble and flexible.

Thus, I began my outreach into the interior design community, and in 2017 alone I attended 10 interior design events (4 of which were out of state). I began doing media correspondence for Tastefully Inspired, an online interior design publication. I also appeared on several interior design industry podcasts, including A Well Designed Business with LuAnn NigaraDesign & Style with Rachel & Dixie, and Marketing Ideas for Interior Designers with Mark McDonough. View episodes. In 2018, I became an Interior Design Society Sterling Industry Partner.

About me

My name is Yian Quach, in English pronounced "Ian Qua". I am originally from Seattle, Washington and am now based in New York City. My life experiences include earning a degree in mathematics, teaching English abroad, and hosting bar at a quiet conversational bar on New York's Upper East Side. My passions include listening to audiobooks, and photographing wildlife out my kitchen window.

House Digital

I love the word "house". Not only is it a word that is not only closely related to interior design, it also feels encompassing which alludes to my one-man-team approach. Even the sound of the word "house" feels round and inclusive. The second word, "digital", simply refers to the graphical and online nature of my services.