Ask Me Anything


This is a phone call in which you can ask me anything, including:

  • Initial consultation
  • Website review
  • Website support
  • Brand strategy
  • Squarespace
  • Copywriting


This Ask Me Anything session includes up to one hour, and you can ask as many questions as will fit. The format is flexible and free flow, and I encourage you to take notes while we talk. We may do a screen share, which allows us to work together even better, and if we're using the session to work on your existing Squarespace site, I'm able to make modifications to your site LIVE on the call. If you have questions about how an "Ask Me Anything" session works, feel free to email me at


If you're using this session to inquire about my Website Design & Build service, I'll apply the cost of this initial phone call toward the total project price.

First session (reduced price): $103
Regular session: $206


My call with Yian was nothing short of enlightening. He so clearly sees the issues as well as the solutions, and he just gets people with such limited information. Working on my website revisions now, and I couldn't be more thrilled with his insights and suggestions!

– Beth Brunner


I reached out to Yian to help fine-tune my website that I recently created in Squarespace. It was helpful to have a fresh pair of eyes, especially being that he has experience working with creatives in the design industry. We did a LIVE session where we walked through each page making necessary changes on the spot. He provided feedback and described the reason behind each recommendation. Yian has a strong aptitude in Squarespace and writing code so it was a very efficient use of time. The fine-tuning was just what my website needed to give it a professional polish and bring it to the next level. Yian is professional yet easy going and fun to work with. I highly recommend his services.

– Lisa Furtado

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Yian is AMAZING! He patiently teaches as he walks you through what you are learning. He explains each step in detail. If you do a session with him, I guarantee that you will hire him indefinitely.

– Gail Davis