Bio Questionnaire

Please send me the answers to these questions. From the answers to these questions, I'll write the first version of your bio for us to edit together. It may be easiest for your first cut and past these answers into the body of an email, then compose your answers there.


Where are you based?


What services do you offer?


When and how did you begin your career in interior design?

What's something you love about your work?

Did you have a  career prior to interior design?


How long have you been in business?

Did you work for any designers/firms before starting your own business?

What types of projects have you completed?

Can you name any names of buildings you have designed spaces in?


What are some reasons your clients would hire an interior designer?

How many clients have you worked with? A few? Dozens? Hundreds?

Do your clients have anything in common?

What are some careers of clients you've worked with?


Is there anything relatively unique about your style?

Is there anything relatively unique about your process?

Are you able to say you are the only designer in some way?

Example 1: "I am the only designer on Maui island in Hawaii with over 30 years experience." Example 2: "I am the only designer in the San Francisco area known for incorporating his own photography into the wall art." Example 3: "I am the only full service design & build firm in Seattle that specializes in vintage style houseboats"

Are you the leading designer in your area in any way?


How would you describe your approach to design?

Example 1: "My goal is to create spaces that set the foundation for my clients to achieve their personal goals. Often , my clients are looking to move forward in their career, and together we carefully choose furnishings that will project the right image." Example 2: "I approach each space as a one-of-a-kind work of art. I'm often interested in pushing the boundary of what's been seen". Example 3: "Lighting is central to my work. I view every space as if through the lens of a camera. After the floor plan is created and furnishings have been chosen, I plan the lighting around the space's focal points, it's art, and it's task areas."

Are you known as a designer for any particular signature style, technique, or point of view?

Are there any particular pieces, materials, colors, textures, motifs, etc that you love to use in your work?

Is there a phrase or quote that is central to your work?

What experiences have influenced your design point of view?

Are there any other designers who have influenced your point of view?


Have you been published? If so, what publications have you appeared in?

Have you won any awards or been recognized in any way?

Have you been invited to speak/teach at any professional events?

Have you appeared in any TV shows? If so, what networks have you appeared on?

Have you designed any show houses?


Do you often work with certain professionals? ex: architects, contractors, window covering specialists, etc.

Are you part of any professional organizations or associations?

Do you sit on the board of any organizations? Are you the chair of any organizations?


Do you have a widely read blog? Who reads it?

Have you developed any programs or curriculums in your industry?

Have you developed any lines of furniture, accessories, etc?

Have you done any licensing?

Have you written any books? ebooks?

Have you written any published articles?


What educational programs have you finished?

Are there any educational programs you studied in but perhaps didn't finish?

Have you completed any continuing education?


Where are you from?

Where do you live now?

Are you married? Kids? Pets? Etc.


Is there anything else you'd like your website visitors to know about you?