Writing a bio page

Many clients I speak with say they struggle to write about themselves. There certainly can be something very awkward about it, no doubt. It can also be possible to get writer's block and blank on what topics to cover.



Where are you based?

When and how did you begin your career?

When did you begin your business?

Is there anything about you that is distinct/unique? Are you the only one of anything?

Are you the leading designer of any group or demographic?

Are you a celebrity designer?


What services do you offer?


What was your career before interior design?

How did you come to interior design?


Did you work for any designers/firms before starting your own business?

What types of projects have you completed?

Can you name any names of buildings you have designed spaces in?


What goals do your clients have in common?

How many clients have you worked with? Dozens? Hundreds?

What are some careers your clients have?

Do your clients have anything in common?


Are you known as a designer for any particular signature style, technique, point of view?

If you were known for just one quote about your interior design business, what would it be?

What point of view do you bring to the industry?

What experiences have influenced your design point of view?

Are there any other designers who have influenced your point of view?


What publications have you appeared in?

Have you won any awards or been recognized in any way?

Have you been invited to speak/teach at any professional events?

Have you appeared in any TV shows?

What networks have you appeared on?

Have you designed any show houses?


What professional partners do you work with? ex: architects, etc.

Are you part of any professional organizations or associations?

Do you sit on the board of any organizations?

Are you the chair of any organizations?


Have you developed any programs or curriculums in your industry?

Do you have a widely read blog? Who reads it?

Have you developed any lines of furniture, accessories, etc?

Have you done any licensing?

Have you written any books?

Have you written any published articles?


What educational programs have you finished?

Have you completed any continuing education after your degree?


Where are you from?

Where do you live now?

Are you married? Kids? Pets?


The following sentences are written in 3rd person about a designer named Jane Doe. Note that they could just as easily be switched to the 1st person for a more personable touch.

Jane Doe has completed interiors in many of New York's β€œIt” buildings β€” including _______, ________, and ________ β€” as well as townhouses in ______'s most prominent neighborhoods, and luxury suburban properties.

Jane has completed

Jane partners with

Jane helps

Jane has worked with

Jane has gained acclaim for

Jane's work has appeared in

Clients are drawn to

Jane approaches each project with/through

At the heart of each project is the belief that

As much as Jane is _______, she also________

Clients benefit from

As one of the biggest names in _____, Jane

Jane has more than ____ years experience

Jane is the only ____ who_____

Jane offers 

Jane focuses her seminars on ______

Jane is appeared on/in

Jane brings her take on

Jane has achieve the highest awards in the industry including...

A fixture in the ____ scene, Jane...

Jane is the author of some of _______ spaces (from Drake Anderson)

Jane's recent work includes

Jane sits on the board of

Jane has been a member of

Avoid saying

Jane is regarded as

Jane is known for her

Jane is lauded for

Yian Q