Client letter


Dear Designer,

Please send me a letter written to your clients. Microsoft Word or Google Docs works well. We may end up using this letter on your website, or it may simply help us ensure your website is truly speaking to the needs of your clients.

Writing a letter to your clients can also be a powerful way to create connection with a potential client. It's your chance to express empathy for their needs and tell them plainly how you can help them meet those needs. Allow yourself to relax and speak from the heart. Don't worry about the words you use. The important thing is to get the ideas down. Later we can work through the language together if necessary. When writing, it may help you to imagine one single client. If you feel stuck with this exercise, feel free to reach out to me.

- Yian


In your letter you may like to use these sentence starters:

  • I understand...
  • You want...
  • You struggle with...
  • Here's how I can help...
  • Together we will...
  • The first step to working with me is...


The following is latin text, used merely to show a successful length of a letter on a website.

Dear Homeowner,

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Designer's name.