This helps clients to see what you want them to see.

Along with your images, the words on your website communicate the value of your work. Concise, descriptive text can help your visitors truly understand your approach, your process, your value, etc. The worksheet below goes through each piece of text necessary for your new website.


We work with professional copywriters. A copywriter will interview you by phone, not only organizing the nuts and bolts of your services but also drawing out your unique value and style as a designer. Afterward, the copywriter will write each of the sections of your new website, run it by you, then submit it to us. One of the main values of a professional copywriter is to express your ideas in a reader oriented, benefits focused way.

Are you a gifted writer? Is the copy of your website very personal to you? Then you could and probably should write your own copy. We've created the worksheet below to help guide you through each of the necessary bits of text to write. Note that you should have the copy finished by the end of week 1 in our process.


Content worksheet

Note: We recommend first typing your responses in a note on your computer or phone. This will allow you to take your time and have a backup copy if for some reason this form doesn't transmit properly when pressing "submit".

The name that goes in the header of your website
Your name
The address of your website
This is the phone number, email address, and details which will go on your contact page. Note that you can decide what info you'd like shown. You can even choose for your contact page to simply have a form for visitors to fill out.
A brief and accurate description of you and your services (5-20 words)
Your portfolio should back up what you write here. Note that you may not have a truly unique angle. Just try your best. 20-40 words)
The description that will accompany your photo on your about page. It can be written from either the first person or third person perspective, depending on how "approachable" you want to be perceived. (200-300 words for the principle designer, 100-200 words for supporting designers.)
This can be in list form or paragraph form.
A description or list of steps that help your visitor understand what to expect. (helpful but not requiredl) (100-1000 words)
This phrase may be used on your home page to help convey what defines you as a designer. Note that the format of this can vary widely. (10-30 words)
Quotes are often useful on the home page or somewhere else on the site to help your reader understand the value of hiring you.
This text will give context to the photos in each project, helping readers see how you are able to create solutions that help your clients. (80-150 words for each descriiption)
Photo captions can make a visitors experience of your interiors feel more meaningful. Make sure to indicate which photo each caption belongs to. One good way to do this is to rename your photos beforehand. (2-10 words per caption)
The images of these magazine should be emailed to
This would go on a page placed subtly on your website.
Any other text you'd like on your website that wasn't covered in the sections above.