Will the website look good on mobile phones?
One hundred percent. All our websites adjust to any device. Try it for yourself. Open any website in my portfolio on your mobile phone.

How easy is it for a client to update their site themselves after launch?
Because I build on the popular and client friendly Squarespace platform, your website is able to easily evolve with your business. Clients who are comfortable using a computer can do basic tweaks and modifications to their site after launch without relying on a designer, and each project includes a custom walkthrough video.

Can a client keep their current domain name?
Absolutely. Your domain name can be pointed to your new website at the time of launch. Note that your old website hosting will no longer be necessary. I build on the Squarespace platform, which hosts all its websites on it's own reliable servers.

What will happen to a client's old website?
Your old website is literally a collection of files on a server. After launching your new website, subscription to your old server can be discontinued. The essence of your website is the content itself. Think of a website redesign as transcribing words from an old tattered book into a freshly bound book. The essence of the book is the words, not the pages they are printed on.

Will a client be able to keep the SEO juice (search engine optimization) they've built up with their current website?
Yes. SEO juice is contained in the URLs of your website, not in the actual files of your old website. When we redesign your website, we will take care to use the same URLs are your current site in order to avoid losing any SEO juice.

Why pay a web designer when there are free options?
For the same reason someone might prefer to pay an interior designer to design their home rather than doing it themselves: professional design and implementation. Also, what I offer goes beyond just the design of your website. I also help you with brand positioning and copywriting.

Why invest in a website?
In short, a good website helps you land projects with your ideal clients. Clients will look to your website for answers to common questions and also to validate your legitimacy and professionalism. A good website sends the right signals] and gives your clients confidence in you so that by the time you speak together, the conversation can focus on the important details.

Can another web designer work on a site after launch?
Easily. Many designers are now familiar with the Squarespace platform, and sharing access through the Squarespace backend requires merely a click.

    What if a client is oblivious to all things website related?
    My clients may have varying levels of web knowledge and sometimes don't even know which questions to start with. Rest assured, I'm here to answer your questions.

    Can you create websites for clients other than interior designers?
    Yes. While I do specialize in interior designers and other creative entrepreneurs, I can work with others.