Below, you will find a process that guides a project from start to finish. Note that this process is still evolving. There are still various email templates yet to come.  This process has been formulated based on each designer having three main roles throughout the project:

  • Lead generator and customer service representative
  • Web designer
  • Project manager

You will be the central driving force behind each of your projects.the project begins with you initially finding a lead, and it ends when you launch that website. As the lead designer, I will be here to support you with any customer service questions/issues as well as design issues. In addition, I will be the first person the client speaks with about strategy and the last person they speak with after the website has been launched. However, during the project, I will rely on you to guide the client through the project via email. 

1st contact email

  • This email should be sent every 3 days until the email is opened (You will need to use Boomerang for this.)
  • This email should be sent every 2 weeks until a response is received.
  • Use the canned email set up in your email account.
  • If the client responds back with questions, you should answer them 

Here is a training video how to send this 1st contact email, and here is a preview of the email to send:


SUBJECT: [business name]


Hi [designer's first name]

I just saw your website at [url]. May I ask are you happy with it?


Quick facts:

  • We are interior designer website specialists.
  • We are called House Digital:
  • We are based in New York City.
  • We use a simple and supportive 5 step process.
  • We offer flat-rate pricing, viewable on our website.

Here's a 1-minute intro video from our principle designer, on Youtube:

Feel free to ask me questions. I'm here to help.


[first and last name]
Interior Design Website Specialist

PS. If you're already happy with your website, simply let me know and I'll make a note.

No-go email

The email to send if they say they are happy with their current website (or something along those lines)


Hi _______,

Thanks for your reply. I’ve noted that you are happy with your current website.

In the future, if you have any questions about your website, feel free to reach out. We’re here to help interior designers like you.

- [your first name]

[first and last name]
House Digital
Interior Design Website Specialists
71 Broadway #369 New York, NY 10006
[your first name]


NOTE: If the lead state's their reason in some other way, your email response should reflect their reason back word for word For example, if they say: "I'm not interested", your email should read: "I've noted that you are not interested. In the future..."

Final email

(I'm still working on this email. Also, there will be many email templates between initial contact and this email)

We have just received notification of your final payment. Thank you. I have transferred ownership of the site to you. Squarespace doesn't send notifications for ownership transfers, but you can verify it by going to SETTINGS > PERMISSIONS. Notice that I'm still listed as a contributor to the site. This means that I can still support you with the site moving forward. 

How are you feeling about your new website? Do you like it? Is there anything else you'd like to see different about it? If so, let me know and I'll tweak it accordingly. Until ______, any tweaks are still covered and included in your website package.

As a closing note, I'd like to thank you for choosing House Digital to help you with your website, and I'd like to thank you for being a great client. Your clear ideas and what you wanted and your decisiveness made the process smooth and enjoyable 


[your first name]


  • As a House Digital designer, you will be reaching out to to your own leads. 
  • You will cultivate those leads by answering questions they may have and being generally helpful.
  • It's extremely important to me that you use error free grammar, spelling, and punctuation in order to project a sense of competence, professionalism, and polish.
  • When one of your leads signs up for a project, you get the first half of that commission amount. Also, when that website launches, you will get the second half of that commission amount. See salary levels page for amounts.
  • When one of your projects launches
  • A designer can have up to X projects open at a time. (10 to start)
  • If you don’t have time for another project at the time, the project will be scheduled to begin at a future date if within 2 weeks. Otherwise, I may assign it to another designer and give you a percentage of the commission. (percentage to be determined)
  • Lead emails should be sent between 9am to 3pm EST (pre-scheduling is fine)
  • You can have X number of open leads at a time (10 to start)
  • A lead is open until
    • a lead responds they are happy with their website
    • it has been open for 72 hours
  • Leads should be color coded on the lead sheet according to whether it is open or closed (green for open, orange for no response, red for not interested)

About your email address

  • You will use a House Digital email address for lead cultivation
  • The password will remain known to me so that I can monitor the account and step in to help as needed.