- Hello

- Would you like to tell me a little about yourself about a designer and your current goals?

- What can you tell me about what you want out of your new website?

- Who is your ideal client (target audience).


- General strategy for new website.


- Let me check in with you. Based on what we’ve discussed so far and based on the rates that I sent you before our call, are you interested in working together? May I ask what it is about me and my work that you think is a good fit for you?

- Ok great, well from my end, I’m feeling good. You have professionally photographed photos of your work, and you seem to know who you are as a designer and what you believe in. And you seem pleasant to work with. So there are 3 last questions I'd like to ask, which is this:

1) Does the vision I described today feel right for you?

2) Do you trust that I can make you a website you'll be happy with?

3) Are there any particular challenges of working with you that I should know about? Any idiosyncrasies?


- Great, the next step is...

*A no fluff approach is straightforward and doesn't dwell on niceties. Generally, it's not big on clever tag lines.