A timeline of the process from start to finish

1. Interview & Questionnaire

We chat by phone about your project needs and the following questionnaire is completed.

2. Letter of agreement, initial payment, and date reserved

You will receive a letter of agreement and invoice for initial payment by email. After payment is received a date is reserved for your 1-day session.

3. Photos, text, and initial website design


Send photos via a Dropbox link I will create for you. Each photo should be at least 1000 pixels wide to look sharp on your new website.


The following are suggested pieces of text for your new website. Note that the word counts have been suggested based on what will work best for a concise and impactful user experience. Use www.wordcounter.net to count your words.

  • A basic description of your firm/practice (5-20 words)
  • A phrase/quote that sums up your approach to design (5-20 words)
  • A one paragraph introduction to your firm (100-200 words)
  • Your bio (200 to 500 words)
  • A name and description for each project (150 words max for each description) Use www.wordcounter.net
  • A list of your services (optional)
  • A description of your design process (optional)
  • Testimonials from previous clients (optional)

Note: photos and text should be sent by the date of the 1-day session. Otherwise, I cannot guarantee your website will be launched by the end of the day and an additional session may need to be scheduled to finish the job.

4. The 1-day website session

In one day,

5. Your website is now launched

What's next

  • Final payment to House Digital
  • On site SEO (site description, page descriptions, and ALT tags)
  • Set up payment for Squarespace hosting
  • Write a testimonial for House Digital
  • Connect domain name to new website
  • Closing conversation

4. Your website is now launched

Your site is now live.

What's next

  • Website handover via Skype (and recorded for future reference)
  • 1 month warranty period, in which time you can request changes to the site.