Podcasts, courses, coaching, and a social media specialist for interior designers and creative entrepreneurs.


A podcast about the business of interior design

In this podcast, A Well Designed Business, industry expert, LuAnn Nigara, interviews interior designers and other industry professionals about the business of interior design. What I like about this show in particular is how LuAnn is able to draw from her guests a balance of both theory and practical, actionable tips. Here are a few episodes in particular that are relevant for interior designers looking to enhance their online presence.

Episode 22 with Fred Berns: How to create a killer bio

Episode 51 with David Livingson: Professional interior photographer

Episode 89 with Marie Flanigan: How marketing strategies helped her grow her firm

How to be better on video

Keri Murphy coaches business owners to bring out the brilliance in themselves on camera. Her company, Inspired Living, offers workshops and coaching. I first saw Keri speak onstage at BOLD Summit 2017. One thing she said that stood out to me is this (and I paraphrase): if you feel shy about your looks on camera, remember that people on camera don't hold the attention of their viewers for an extended period with their looks. They hold it with the genuineness of their presence and their message. I totally agree.


Courses, coaching, and community for interior designers

Business of Design is an online membership community in which interior designers have access to courses, coaching, webinars, and more. Founder Kimberly Seldon brings systems and organization to the business of interior design through her 15 step project management strategy. Seldon is the author of several books, including How to Win the Flat Fee Game.


A podcast about interior design marketing

This is a podcast focusing on the details of marketing your interior design business. It's hosted by marketing guru Mark McDonough, who has really filled this space with lots of specific, actionable tips. One topic that I thought was particularly helpful was his segment on Facebook Pixels in the episode released on January 18th.


A newsletter service for interior designers

Kate The Socialite helps interior designers with their newsletters so they can have more time for what they do best. She offers both template style services and online courses for those who just need a bit of guidance as well as full service social media management. Hear Kate describe her services on episode 104 of the Well Designed Business Podcast.

Articles on interior designers

Designerlebrityâ„¢ is a source of celebrity interior designer news. Barbara Viteri takes us behind the scenes with both hot and up in coming designers alike. One thing I like is how Barbara brings her characteristic straight talking swag as she shares with us her inside scoop.

A mastermind meetup for interior designers in Las Vegas

This is a one day intensive, hosted and led by interior designer and PR guru, Kelli Ellis, who will share with you her tips and tactics. Kelli holds 8 license deals and has starred in 7 televisions shows, so she knows her way around the block, and for this event she is bringing to you her own mentors, who will guide you and answer your questions. These mastermind meet-ups are held twice per year during the Las Vegas furniture markets.

A branding bootcamp for service businesses

This is one of my favorite courses ever taken for solopreneurs and freelancers in service businesses. It consists of videos, worksheets, and an online community. The mastermind behind the course's philosophy is Pia Silva brand strategist and partner at Worstofall Design, which was named top "10 Design Firms Lead By Young People That Are Changing the Way We Look at the World" by Complex. Pia is an entrepreneurial thought leader and content creator. She is the author of Badass Your Brand: The Impatient Entrepreneur's Guide to Turning Expertise into Profit and a regular contributor to Forbes magazine.

A Straight-talking business coach

Nancy Ganzekaufer is women's life & business coach, helping female entrepreneurs achieve financial and personal success, but she doesn't promise she won't make you cry, but I heard Nancy speak on LuAnn Nigara's A Well Designed Business Podcast, and I'll tell you this: she puts her heart into what she does, and she's truly out here to help. Part of Nancy's value is the level of detail in which she lays out goal setting and each specific step necessary to achieve them.

Another great podcast about the business of interior design

Nick May interviews interior designers about the story behind their craft: how they got started, what they find important, and even what's their drink of choice. Nick's conversations are light hearted and easy to listen to. Here are a few particular episodes I found particularly valuable.

Episode 99 featuring New York Design Jarret Yoshida

Episode 111 Life Hacks and Personal Branding

Episode 11 with interior designer Sue Moss