“His creativity, quick wits, and ability to explain the process with such clarity, makes it very easy to bounce ideas off of him... I’ve received many positive reviews from colleagues and followers for the pristine outcome of our creation.”

— Jamal J



"Yian designed my website from start to finish doing an incredible job. I'm technologically challenged so in addition to normal excellent help that he provides, Yian helped me to work on the internet so that when I was traveling which I do often, he helped me on Skype."

–Helen L



“Yian is easy to work with. His communication is clear and pleasant. He asks useful questions. He delivers the work on time. His rates are reasonable. I highly recommend him and his work.”

— Barbara Helynn Heard



"Yian is one of the smartest people and interlocutors I have ever met. He is thoughtful, full of ideas and patience, kindness and professionalism. His help was very thorough. I highly recommend him to everyone who needs a well-qualified web designer with truly original vision."

– Kate N



“Just to work and talk to him gave me so much energy always keeping me on my feet. Very giving, well-spoken, knowledgeable, and overall a great friend.”

— Daniel M



“I was lucky enough to have been introduced to Yian to do this project for me. even though he lives in NY and I’m in San Francisco, we communicated through phone and Google hangouts.”

— Harland Chan



“Yian helped me build and design the exact website I wanted after several failed attempts with other designers. He is great at design, he lets you know what works and importantly what doesn’t.”

— Miriam Mason



“I couldn’t think of a nicer person to recommend more than Yian. You’ll be incredibly happy with the end product!”

— Andrew Klein



"His back-end training was impeccable and everything that he promised was delivered tenfold. I can't say enough about how great he is, and I am confident that this website will further our brand immeasurably. I wish we had more projects for Yian as he is easily my favorite vendor."

– Tara B



“When I decided to start my own business I decided to go with Squarespace for my website. Never having created a website before I felt a little overwhelmed. I knew I could trust Yian to help me to translate (digitally) my voice and vision.” 

— Maria McNash