We needed our website redesigned because frankly we weren’t reaching the audience we needed to. Yian helped us beyond just the design of the site. He actually brought in suggestions about how to get people to the site and how to convert them into new clients – not only was he concerned about presentation, he was also concerned about how we operate as a business. Yian was really easy to work with. He converted really complex issues that frankly for most of us in the design field can feel intimidating and frankly can become something where you don’t want to do your website anymore. He made ideas for our firm easy to understand in a way that in 17 years of doing I had yet to experience.

– Jarret Yoshida, Jarret Yoshida Inc. June 2017, View Website →

I reached out to Yian to review my website because I was interested in a better design that would attract my ideal customers. My current site wasn’t quite polished enough. On my initial call with Yian, I was impressed with his insight into my clients and my industry. He offered great constructive feedback and ideas to improve my site. Once I hired him to redesign my site, I was further impressed by the collaborative sessions and his ability to  wordsmith my copy so it is clear and concise. Our next steps were clear and my homework kept me on track. Working with Yian was an enjoyable, collaborative, well-structured process. I would recommend him to any creative looking to improve their website.

– April Force Pardoe, AFP Interiors, November 2017, View Website →


I needed my website expertly designed because I don’t have the skills nor want to spend the time to learn the skills necessary to create a website that presents a professional face for my business and clearly communicates my offering. Over 4 sessions together, Yian helped me create what you would think of as the “design” of the website, including the website’s layout, styling, SEO optimization, and launch. But that’s not all. Yian also helped me put things on my website that I wouldn’t have thought of, such as helping me create a glossary page. Brilliant! Having this new website gives me the confidence to present myself to the world. In addition, working with Yian helped me think through the big picture branding of my business and the language necessary to communicate it. Yian is a talented writer and his understanding of the nuances interior design industry really made a difference. He helped me write my services in such as way that communicates clearly to clients the value of my services in a way that I wasn’t able to do alone, and he helped me write honest-strong copy on my home page and about page that I believe will resonate with my clients.

– Heather Bentley, Heather Bentley Design, October 2017, View Website →


Yian did a full sweeping review of my website from overall layout to small details I should take note of. During our live call, I shared access of my webpage with him as we went through his Criteria List. He let me know my aesthetic was on point and the site already had a cohesive look, but also made some suggestions to bring my website to the next level. Initially, I was considering changing my Squarespace theme due to its limitations in presenting blog thumbnails. Yian found a workaround that creates list of my posts with their beautiful thumbnail images as I desired. Since he did that, I decided to make a plan for some updates in copy and to get new images onto my site and fall in love with it again. I was really pleased he honestly reviewed my site with suggestions and considerations. I even liked how we tested out some things and he asked if I liked the changes before permanently implementing them. He truly is a designer at heart and understands how we designers think. Every little thing matters to us and I felt he understood me during our meeting. Yian is extremely approachable in what he does and really considers the design, beauty, and user experience in relaying his reasoning behind the suggestions and changes. I really liked working with Yian and will use him again in the future.

– Emilie Kyle, Lush Interior Design LLC, July 2017 View Website

"I'm known in the interior design industry as being tough, unfiltered, but a forward thinker in brand building. In an age when ideas are not original but remixed, I was hesitant to work with anyone that would want to remix my original ideas. Yian never showed hesitation or intimidation when he worked on my brand's site, Designerlebrity.com. He was enthusiastic and embraced the idea of developing the Designerlebrity™ Insta Haute Topic Feature. He helped execute my idea to be the first news media platform that could deliver editorial features via Instagram directly to my Designerlebrity™ website seamlessly. It was groundbreaking work and I knew Yian was the right person to help troubleshoot such creativity and over deliver on my expectations. That is what our design industry needs in a website developer and Yian Quach is "The Guy". I don't highly recommend him. I ONLY recommend him."

– Barbara Viteri, Creator of Designerlebrity™, May 2017,  View Website →

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"I reached out to Yian to help fine-tune my website that I recently created in Squarespace. It was helpful to have a fresh pair of eyes, especially being that he has experience working with creatives in the design industry. We did a LIVE session where we walked through each page making necessary changes on the spot. He provided feedback and described the reason behind each recommendation. Yian has a strong aptitude in Squarespace and writing code so it was a very efficient use of time. The fine-tuning was just what my website needed to give it a professional polish and bring it to the next level. Yian is professional yet easy going and fun to work with. I highly recommend his services."

– Lisa Furtado, Lisa Furtado Interiors, August 2017, View Website→

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It was time to update my website. I wanted something I could better manage myself. Yian was referred to me so I took a look at his website and was impressed with what he had to offer. I indicated my interest in finding out more and immediately heard back from him. Two things were especially appealing, that he designs websites for creatives and that his process takes days not weeks and weeks as I had faced with other web designers. I can’t say enough good things about my experience. Yian is fun to work with, passionate about what he does, a stickler for details and making sure everything looks great and works properly. He is also very articulate and it comes across in his writing. When he proposes certain wording or a certain photo he always has a sound reason and takes the time to explain his thought process. Yian’s suggestions were spot on and he really has a great eye for how things should look. Working in real time means you’re seeing the changes immediately and are able to make decisions on the spot.  It’s a collaborative effort so in the end the website really reflects you and your business.  I would highly recommend his work to anyone in the design field looking for a beautiful website that truly reveals who you are and what you do.

– Kim Powers, Stepping Stone Interiors, July 2017, View Website →

"Yian is AMAZING! He patiently teaches as he walks you through what you are learning. He explains each step in detail. If you do a session with him, I guarantee that you will hire him indefinitely."

– Gail Davis, Gail Davis Designs LLC, April 2017, View Website →