The following assignments will take you though the initial steps of learning how to build websites with Squarespace, the House Digital way.



OBJECTIVE: Begin becoming familiar with creating a website with the Squarespace platform.

TASK: Replicate this site: Use the Montauk template.

DETAILS: Use the Website Checklist to ensure you've completed all the steps of creating a website the House Digital way. Also make sure to compare alongside the original website before submitting.




    OBJECTIVE: Continue becoming familiar with creating a website with the Squarespace platform. Create custom layouts with a magazine style feel. Create collections, and use the summary content block. Create a cover page.

    TASK: Replicate this site: Use the ________ template. Use the "Montage" cover page template. 

    DETAILS: Use this photo download to speed the process. View attached sitemaps. Remember to use the Website Checklist.  Also make sure to compare alongside the original website before submitting.


      Needed custom CSS

      // increase size of text in captions
      .image-caption-wrapper {
        p {font-size: 18px !important;
          line-height: 22px !important;}
           font-family: proxima-nova !important;


      Assignment #3

      OBJECTIVE: Become familiar with the basics of HTML and CSS.

      TASK: Complete the online course Learn HTML & CSS: Part 1 from Code Academy. 

      DETAILS: You will be required to submit a credit card number in order to unlock a limited time free trial. Remember to cancel your membership after completing the course.

      DELIVERABLE: A) Submit screenshots of your quiz results. B) Submit a report (up to 1 page) of what you gained from the lessons. In your report, include:

      • a general summary in your own words of you learned
      • a description of how particular lessons will apply to the work you do in Squarespace

      Assignment #4

      OBJECTIVE: Create a website from scratch, improving upon a weak website layout based on a real interior designer. Incorporate all the skills you've learned from creating the first two templates. 

      TASK: Choose one of the designers you found in assignment #3. Choose the designer who would MOST benefit from our help based on their current website. Also, make sure the website you choose fulfills the following criteria:

      • images are downloadable
      • Images are typically at least 700 wide
      • there are at least 5 projects, each with at least 5 photos
      • there is enough text on inner pages (about page, services, contact, etc) to create a complete looking website.

      DETAILS: Choose a Squarespace template of your choice (one that is not part of the Brine family or the Montauk family). Note that not all Squarespace template lend themselves well to interior design websites. Here are some good choices: Flatiron, Greenwich, Avenue, Marquee, Tremont, Adirondack, York). Use the Website Checklist to guide your steps and check your work before submitting to Yian. Your website should have a home page, portfolio, about and contact. Other possible pages include: services, faq, blo

      NOTE: This will be your first website with House Digital in which you make your own choices about aspects of the website's structure, function, and design, including:

      • the sitemap
      • the navigation
      • the page layouts
      • the font styling
      • the color styling
      • the general flow and feel of the site

      I recommend looking at sites in the House Digital portfolio for ideas and inspiration, but I also expect you to make your design choices based on what you believe works best for this new website. 

      Although you will be creating a brand new look for this interior designer, try to design in a way that you believe fits their aesthetic and preference. Take clues especially from the colors and fonts they use. Consider the mood and feel their current site goes for. You should strongly consider using the same color palette as their current website.



      OBJECTIVE: Become familiar with how to find website leads.

      TASK: Find at least 5 website leads of level D or E grade (based on the House Digital Website Grading System)

      DETAILS: Find leads using Focus on a city Yian chooses. Enter found websites on a Google sheet you create. Share  permissions for this Google sheet with Yian.

      RESOURCES: Google sheet template, Google sheet example

      Assignment #6

      OBJECTIVE: Become familiar with how to use the Brine template family.

      TASK: Create a sample site based on the interior designer, Kelley Flynn. Use any of the Brine templates except for Greenwich. Use the same general sitemap you used for the previous assignments.

      DETAILS: Make sure to include a call to action button in the navigation (both on desktop and mobile). Make sure that all font styling looks natural through site. Note that this template has many many styling options and there's a good chance some of them are not properly set for every situation. Make sure this site looks natural on all device sizes (Warning: this template straight out of the box will likely look un-natural on screens wider than 1300px. Hint: examine "full background" vs "full width" on a wide screen). 

      NOTE: This will be your 4th website. I expect it to follow the attention to detail laid out in the website checklist.



      • Mockup of your finished site. For instructions how to make a mockup, view the graphic design section of the Knowledgebase page.