The Website Design, Build, and Launch is my signature service package, created with designers and creatives in mind. I created it to be a simple, effective, and stress-free way for you to get the website you need for your business. See examples →


The Website Design, Build, and Launch package includes everything needed to design, build, and launch a new website from start to finish.

  • Strategy

  • Copywriting

  • Design & build
    (up to 12 core pages)

  • SEO optimization

  • Quality assurance

  • Unlimited revisions until launch


A wholistic approach. Most website designers rely on you to submit the copy for the site. I offer to write the copy then send to you for approval.

A signature process. Over the course of dozens of successful projects, I have developed a step-by-step process, which saves us both time and stress.

Flat-rate design fee. No open ended budgets or surprise costs.



In a nutshell, the process is structured into phone sessions (generally one session per week). Each phone session usually lasts about 2 hours


This is our first working session together. We start with some project on-boarding, project expectations. Then we will discuss your work and what you need your website to do for you. Note that sometimes more than one session is needed to finish this step of the process.


After the kick off call, I’ll begin creating the new website on my own. Then I will send you a link to the new website so you can review it at your leisure and send me any initial feedback you may have. At this point, what we will have is the bones of the new website. The focus here is on structure, feel, and flow. The site will include your photos and some content, but in many places filler text will be used as a placeholder. Note that your current website will still remain perfectly intact throughout the project until launch.


Once we have the basics of the design concept approved, our focus turns to discussing the content of your new website. I offer to write the initial version of the website. Usually, I record parts of these sessions so I can go back and use words you’ve used to describe certain things. This helps me write the new website in a way that feels authentic to your brand. Note that sometimes more than one session is needed to finish this step of the process.


At this point, the new website is designed and has all its new content in place. Together, we will go through the site and make revisions as needed to ensure it reflects your business and your brand. Note that sometimes more than one session is needed to finish this step of the process.


At this point, we have all the content up on the new website. I will optimize the website for search engines. I will also check the site for typos and other fine details of the website’s construction.

This is also a time for you to sit with the site and let it sink in. I recommend visiting it once per day and making notes as needed I also invite you to share the site with family/fiends/peers and ask for their feedback.

I will send you instructions how to pay for website hosting, and I will disconnect your domain name from your old website and connect it to your new website. At this point, your website is officially live!


This is when we say “hurray!” and make a plan for our continued working relationship together so you have the support you need for your website to evolve with you and your business. Click here for details about how I offer website updates →

✝ Between sessions, we stay organized by using Trello (an simple web-based task management tool)


$3090 in 3 payments: 1/3 to book, 1/3 to start, 1/3 to launch.

A note about website hosting: I design all my websites on Squarespace, which is a paid platform that includes website hosting. You will pay Squarespace directly. Price: $18/month if paid annually. More details at



If you believe my Website Design, Build, and Launch service package is a good fit for you, I invite you to reach out and inquire.



"Yian listened to our direction and goals and implemented them in the final design of our new website."

– Eric Mauskopf


"Yian went about his work much like a practitioner goes about a healing session."

– Maria McNash


"Yian took the time to understand the heart of who we are and elevated our website beyond what we could have conceived of alone, and he helped us craft language that feels true to our brand."

– Dane Austin Design


"Having this new website gives me the confidence to present myself to the world."

– Heather Bentley



What will happen to my old website?
Your old website is literally a collection of files on a server. After launching your new website, subscription to your old server can be discontinued. The essence of your website is the content itself. Think of a website redesign as transcribing words from an old tattered book into a freshly bound book. The essence of the book is the words, not the pages they are printed on.

How easy is it for me to update my site myself after launch?
Because I build on the client friendly Squarespace platform, your website is able to easily evolve with your business. Clients who are comfortable using a computer can do basic tweaks and modifications to their site after launch without relying on a designer. I also offer website updates as a service.

Can I keep my current domain name?
Absolutely. Your domain name can be pointed to your new website at the time of launch. Note that your old website hosting will no longer be necessary. I build on the Squarespace platform, which hosts all its websites on it's own reliable servers.

I'm not an interior designer. Can you still help me?
Yes. While I do specialize in interior designers and other creative professionals, I can work with others. Shoot me an email to inquire.

Will my new website look good on mobile phones?
One hundred percent. All my websites adjust to any device. Try it for yourself. Open any website in my portfolio on your mobile phone.

Will I be able to keep the SEO juice (search engine optimization) they've built up with my current website?
Yes. SEO juice is contained in the URLs of your website, not in the actual files of your old website. When we redesign your website, we will take care to use the same URLs are your current site in order to avoid losing any SEO juice.

Why pay a web designer when there are free options?
For the same reason someone might prefer to pay an interior designer to design their home rather than doing it themselves: professional design and implementation. Also, what I offer goes beyond just the design of your website. I also help you with brand positioning and copywriting.

Can another web designer work on a site after launch?
Easily. Many designers are now familiar with the Squarespace platform, and sharing access through the Squarespace backend requires merely a click.

What if I'm oblivious to all things website related?
My clients may have varying levels of web knowledge and sometimes don't even know which questions to start with. Rest assured, I'm here to help.