Here is a basic outline of what to expect during our 4-8 week project together:

1. Discovery
2. Design & Build
3. Launch

Of course, there are many steps in each of these three main phases, but I will guide you through as they come. In the mean time, there are two things you can do before our first session together. The first is to send me photos of your work. The second is to answer some questions that will help me understand more about you as a designer.

#1 Send me photos of your work


  • Make sure your images are JPEG

  • Resize your photos to 2000px max – http://compressimage.toolur.com/

  • Send the photos via dropbox

  • Organize your photos based on projects

  • Send dropbox link once all photos are uploaded (not project by project)

This is the most tech you'll have to do throughout the whole project :)

#2 Answer these questions to help me understand more about you as a designer


Please answer and send me your answers to the following questions in an email or document. The purpose of this exercise is to draw out the core identity of your brand. Some of what you write may appear on your new website. It's also possible that what you write will not appear on your website, but will help me understand how to present you authentically. 

Note that the questions below are just suggestions, meant to draw out raw content. Use the "complete the sentence" style questions if they help you. Do what feels natural. Also, feel free to answer as much or as little as feels right for each question (1-3 sentences is generally sufficient). Don't worry about the particular words you use. It's more important that you answer naturally and honestly. There are no wrong answers in this exercise. If you get stuck or if you find yourself repeating yourself, feel free to skip the question.

Relax and enjoy. If you have any questions, feel free to reach out.


What's your goal for your business in this next year?

What do you want your website to do for your business? Consider these examples:

  • Convert interested eyeballs into interested phone calls

  • Display my design work

  • Articulate my design philosophy

  • Present my services

  • Lay out my process

  • Sell selected products

  • Build my email list

How would you describe your body of work?

What types of spaces have you designed? (ex: residential, high-end residential, restaurants, office spaces, etc)
What types of spaces are you looking to design moving forward?
What type of custom work (if any) do you incorporate into your work?

How would you describe your ideal clients?

My clients generally want…
My clients often struggle with...
My clients hire an interior designer because…

What is the mission of your work?

The goal of my work is to...
The way I do this is by...
I envision a world in which...

What is your point of view as a designer?

I believe a home should…
My job as a designer is…
To me, good design is…
At the heart of my approach to interior design is…

How do you structure your services?

What's the first step to working with you?
How do you generally charge for your work?

What are the benefits of working with you?

I specialize in...
What sets me as a designer apart is...
One of my super powers is...
Clients often choose me because…

What can you tell me about your methodology?

The way I work with my clients is...
My basic process follows these steps:...

Is there anything else you want people know about your business and/or you as a designer?