What to expect



1 month website support included


How to send me photos


This is the most tech you'll have to do throughout the whole project :)

  • Make sure your images are JPEG
  • Resize your photos to 2000px max – http://compressimage.toolur.com/
  • Send the photos via dropbox
  • Organize your photos based on projects
  • Send dropbox link once all photos are uploaded (not project by project)

Questions to consider


· Do you specialize in a particular type of design?

· Describe your process?

· What makes you good at what you do?

· Is there anything that sets you apart as a designer?

· How do you price your work?

· How does your price point compare with your competitors?

· Who are your ideal clients?

· Describe one of your favorite clients.

· Describe one of your nightmare clients.

· What services do you offer?

· What services don't you offer?

· Describe a project I'd find in your portfolio.

· Describe a project I wouldn't find in your portfolio.

· What's your story?

· What's your vision for your life?

· What does your work mean to you?